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Letter: Rat, roach or lasagna?

Letter: Rat, roach or lasagna?

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Let's say you and some friends go to a buffet restaurant. When you reach the entrees you find rat on a stick, boiled cockroaches, and lasagna (your favorite dish). As you reach for the lasagna your friends start demanding you choose between rat and roach. When you refuse they pull out their phones and show you video after video of celebrities, political so-called leaders, and corporate "news" puppets all telling you that you only have two choices: rat or roach.

You can see the lasagna; it's obviously one of the options. But everyone around you insists you can only select rat or roach and if you even consider choosing lasagna you're a terrible person who hates America, wants children in cages, and are quite possibly a Russian asset. No amount of reasoning or logic has any effect on the attacks from people claiming you absolutely positively must choose rat or roach.

Don't be afraid to choose what you actually want. Vote Green Party.



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