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Letter: Republican party is the real "Black Lives Matter" movement

Letter: Republican party is the real "Black Lives Matter" movement

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Just in case you missed it: Democrats were furious at Lincoln (the first Republican president) for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves, Lincoln made equality for all black people part of the Republican party platform, Republicans wrote and passed the 13th Amendment ending slavery forever in the US – almost all Democrats voted against it, Republicans wrote and passed the 14th Amendment which granted citizenship and equal protection to former slaves – no Democrats voted for it, Republicans wrote and passed the 15th Amendment allowing Black Americans the right to vote – no Democrats voted for it, while Republicans were electing black people to congress Democrats were founding the KKK which was established as an opposition to the Republican party, it was Democrat states that passed Jim Crow laws that dehumanized black people, the 57-day Democratic filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was headed up by Robert Byrd who Joe Biden praised in eulogy, a Democratic segregationist ho ran for president, Joe Biden was the lead author of the controversial Crime Bill of 1994 that resulted in the mass incarceration of untold numbers of Black Americans.

President Trump wasted no time in continuing the Republican party legacy: By regulating the unfettered flow of illegal immigration he secured American minority jobs, he implemented economic policies that ushered in the lowest unemployment numbers for Black and Hispanic Americans in this nation's history, worked tirelessly to help pass the First Step Act and criminal justice reform, implemented the Opportunity Zones program that funnels investment into hard hit, low income communities, and dramatically increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and made that funding permanent.

The Republican Party is the real “Black Lives Matter” movement with real results for our African-American brothers and sisters!



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