A sheep herder in a remote mountain valley needed to take his flock to market in the city. There was no road over the mountain, and his herd kept growing and growing. He said to the government, “I must build a road to take my sheep to market.” The government decided that sheep were an economic necessity and granted the shepherd permission to build the road. It crossed hundreds of other people’s land, so he paid them a fee, but they had no choice but to give up their property. Landowners could not use the road nor benefit from the sheep.

Since the shepherd couldn’t build this road on his own, other herders joined to create a road building company. Despite the fact that the market had excess sheep, and prices had fallen to all-time lows, since their sheep kept multiplying, they needed to sell them at any price. They fooled the government into believing that the sheep were needed, by creating a sham company that promised to buy the sheep once they traveled to market.

The road company rushed to cut down hundreds of miles of trees on public and private land. This caused massive erosion. Crystal clear streams filled with silt. Fish died. Landslides occurred. The company repeatedly broke environmental laws and was fined for numerous violations.

People in the mountains, the valley, and the city cried out, “We don’t want this road! We don’t need these sheep! We have plenty of sheep already!” Despite shrinking demand, they continued to build. Despite current and future environmental damage, they didn’t care. Their greed was insatiable. They had borrowed too much money, raised too many sheep, and must get them to market regardless of collateral damage. City residents would now have to pay more for sheep they didn’t need in order to offset the road cost. The government simply looked the other way.

Due to the enormous cost of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Roanoke Gas is fleecing their flock of customers. They must withdraw from this disastrous project immediately. Don’t be sheepish, join the fight for environment justice! https://nrvsierraclub.wordpress.com or https://powhr.org/





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