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Letter: Rope-a-dope, Joe?

Letter: Rope-a-dope, Joe?

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In response to Phillip W. Unger's letter of May 27 ("The Democrats' rope-a-dope moment"), Mr. Unger, I do enjoy your letters to the editor for the most part, although on occasion I do snort morning coffee out my nose while trying to sort out your leaps in logic. Up front, I am a Democrat. A redneck progressive one at that, but I have a hard time visualizing Joe Biden doing a rope-a-dope strategy. I think he would make a better referee than a boxer. The boxing analogy works much better for your guy, Donald J. Trump. Ali won’t fit his personality (Ali was much too smart), but Mike Tyson’s fighting style does. Bell rings, jump out of your corner throwing haymakers. Bam, down goes Bush. Bam, down goes the rest of the Republican candidates. Access Hollywood tape comes out, deny the truth and swing harder. Physically intimidate Hillary on the debate like you have intimidated your Republican opponents, except for McCain, a real war hero. When the press reports all the proven lies, your man counter-punches calling the truth Fake News! Like Mike Tyson Trump has one strategy, throw more punches whether they land or not, even if they hinder or help. Mike Tyson got knocked out and Trump will also. It won’t be Joe Biden or any Democrat who will do it, but a tiny little virus named COVID-19. Can’t call it a fake virus with 100,000 dead. Go ahead and try to blame it on Obama while you drone on for hours at press conferences telling the world what a great job you are doing while the infection rate keeps rising. Don’t wear a mask cause it makes you look weak, you are a puncher like Mike Tyson after all. You get tested every day.

Mr. Unger, I am a retired miner with the scarred lungs to prove it. Hell, the regular old flu can kill me. If I survive this pandemic and if this country can ever return to a place where a lefty and a righty can discuss politics without killing one another, I would like to sit down with you over a cold one and have a friendly chat!



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