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Letter: Salem should not approve Simms property project

Letter: Salem should not approve Simms property project

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Salem citizens, would you trust the storm water protection of your home to a Home Owners Association? No, of course not, but this is what Salem Council is considering to approve for the Fralin development, the Simms property.

Take a trip on Diamond Road, try to exit onto Homestead. Say a prayer. You’ll have about a second to be sure there’s no traffic thanks to this very dangerous intersection. Council may vote to add about 1,400 more daily trips so Fralin’s development, the Simms property, makes more money.

Would you want very high-density development in your neighborhood? 143 homes with lots 1/3 to 1/4 the size of your neighborhood’s homes and as close as 15’ apart. Of course not, but Salem Council will consider allowing this to accommodate Fralin’s profits.

On average each home generates about 10 car trips per day. Salem Council will consider adding over 1,400 car trips daily onto already dangerous roads just because a developer (Fralin) wants to build a high density 143 homes project, including ultra-high density Cluster homes.

According to Salem school’s leadership, the Fralin project will generate another 200-300 students. This will cause a school funding deficit. Each student’s cost is about $12,000 per year while a home assessed at say $350,000 only generates about $4,000 in school taxes. Do the math for just 200 students. The Fralin project has too many homes.

Which do you think a developer puts first, the public good or profits? The Salem Council could vote to ignore a neighborhood of 1,000 Salem citizens who strongly oppose a very high-density project so Fralin can maximize his profits.

Salem Council acknowledges that there are existing significant infrastructure problems in the neighborhood that surrounds the Fralin project. Admits there are no plans and no funds to address the key issues. Still, Council seems willing to functionally ignore these problems so Fralin can maximize his profits.

If you think the Fralin project should not be approved, send an email to each Salem Council person.,,,, Be respectful. And be there Nov. 25, 7:30 p.m., Salem Civic Center.



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