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Letter: Self governance is the future

Letter: Self governance is the future

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Solipsism: the view that the self is all that can be known to exist.

We live in “the post fact world.” A time when common “truths” do not exist. Everyone, except the self, is lying, or so some believe.

Individuals have access to unlimited information but limited wisdom to discern what is factual. Our world is complex, you can forgive the average citizen of understanding truth when our media is biased to support a failing system and various tyrannical agendas, that are peddled by national corporate interests.

Our privilege was to be born in a democracy. Our leaders were poorly chosen and not held to account. The democracy meant to protect, has been wielded against us. Our representatives are now puppets of private corporate interests, not the protectors of citizens.

There is now a total loss of trust in journalism and government. Different fringe groups have armed themselves and are ready to dispense with the peace. Consider QANON, which believes that the structure of the American government is permeated by child molesters and satanists. No argument can dissuade them. Look at ANTIFA and BLM who see the police murdering citizens in their homes, and federal agents kidnap them. Without consequences for police crimes, these people resort to mob justice.

There is one way to restore public trust. We must demand transparent local government and make choices as a city. We must plan for a self-sufficient future. If our state or nation fails from political solipsism then it will be incumbent upon us to protect and govern ourselves. We can expand our assistance to the needy and use their labor to repurpose unused land to grow food for our citizens and house those evicted by the pandemic. We can educate and deputize citizens to protect the valley from militias and criminals. We can hold our police accountable.

Roanoke is larger than the cities of antiquity such as Athens. If we are not prepared to self-govern we will quickly be consumed by chaos. We must trust and provide for each other.

Eric Hill, Roanoke


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