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Letter: Social Security and Medicare will be in jeopardy

Letter: Social Security and Medicare will be in jeopardy

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The GOP has proven itself to have no credibility in what it says and promises in public statements. The flip-flop on appointing a Supreme Court justice just before an election is a glaring example of the duplicity of these legislators.

In this regard we must remember the recent statement of President Trump that he planned to do away with the Social Security and Medicare “payroll tax” trust funds beginning next year and just use the general fund to pay for these programs-- “At the end of the year, the assumption that I win, I’m going to terminate the payroll tax ... We’ll be paying into Social Security through the General Fund.”

Most experts agree this action would lead to the death of Social Security and Medicare as we know it with a great reduction of benefits to older citizens. Can anyone even imagine the annual battle in Congress for appropriating funding for these programs? After a large outcry, Trump later retracted this statement saying it was misunderstood and said he did not mean future Social Security and Medicare support mechanisms.

For senior citizens, and future retirees, who are dependent on these two essential programs, this statement should be a red alert. The GOP, since the origination of Social Security and Medicare, has looked for ways to privatize or curtail these programs. This is often with the same fervor as dominating the Supreme Court with conservative justices, after all Social Security and Medicare are “socialistic” in nature since they are federal government centered programs.

Based on the flip-flop of the GOP’s past strong statements regarding the nomination of Supreme Court justices, it should be evident to all that the public statements from Trump and the GOP are worth no more than a degree from Trump University. If Trump is reelected it is highly likely that Social Security and Medicare will be in jeopardy.

S. Richard Turner, Blacksburg

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