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Letter: Speak out about attacks on democracy

“Justice” Samuel Alito and his cronies (I call them this for I don’t consider them "just"-ices) struck down Roe v. Wade through an absurd opinion that is referred to as “originalist.” If something is not included in the Constitution, then it is unconstitutional.

It’s not Pandora who has opened the box out of which horrible consequences pour, but the present majority of the Supreme Court. Just think of how much is “left out” of the constitution because the authorities were living in the 18th century!

Now two branches of our national government are corrupted; the third, the presidency, is teetering due to the unconstitutional behavior of Trump and the corruption of the Republican Party, which has become an enemy of the people in their rush to subvert the right to vote. If the Republicans take over the Senate, look for obstruction (the legacy particularly of Newt Gingrich and perfected by Mitch McConnell, who is as antithetic to democracy as they come) and chaos.

This is a time to speak the truth to corruption and to act decisively against all these attacks on democracy — and I don’t mean an armed response like Trump and the Republicans inspire and support.

Russell Gregory, Christiansburg 

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