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Letter: Taking comfort in a civilly conducted Virginia election

Letter: Taking comfort in a civilly conducted Virginia election


I’m a Democrat, so I’d be a liar if I said that the results of the recent election didn’t bother me. But while there are many things to fear now that Virginia is going red, I’ll save them for another day.

For now, there are some things about the election that I liked, the best being that when Terry McAuliffe realized he had lost, he quickly and gracefully conceded: no mobs storming the state Capitol building, no frivolous lawsuits, no fruitless recounts, just a nice, clean beginning to a smooth transition of power.

Another thing I liked is the fact that, in our district, we got no reports of our poll greeters being harassed, intimidated, or threatened as many have been in previous years by some voters from the other party. I did hear about the occasional snide remark or dirty look, but all in all it was quiet and peaceful this year despite a larger-than-expected turnout.

And a housekeeping item: both parties quickly and thoroughly removed all the signs and other items from the polling places in our district at the end of Election Day. In fact, while I was cleaning up at the Glenvar Library, a candidate from the other party located an item I’d been looking for and kindly gave it to me. When I drove around to our precincts the next morning to make sure we got everything, you wouldn’t have known anything as big as an election had taken place the previous day.

There, it was a struggle, but I managed to find a few nice things to say. A clean, quiet and civil Election Day 2021: it makes my shift to loyal opposition status a bit more palatable, at least for now.

Ed Kohinke Sr., Roanoke County

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