Like many of my fellow Americans I’ve recently been involved in debates about police procedures. Are white cops racists? Some, yes. Are black cops racists? Some, yes. Do black cops kill whites? Probably, but we don’t hear about that. I suspect that if it happens, the number is very small. White violent crime is proportionally small.

According to FBI crime statistics violent crime is disproportionately black on black. Google “FBI crime statistics by race.” Black lives matter. Damn right they do! But because black lives matter and because black on black violence is high, and because our police fight violent crime, then it stands to reason that the police fight black on black violent crime. In other words, black lives matter to law enforcement! YES, some officers cross the line. Tell me, who else fights black on black crime? Not the shooters, not the neighbors, not the families of the criminals. It’s the cops. It seems to me that the black community should embrace law enforcement. It is they who protect us all against violent crime, white, black brown, etc. All of us. The next time you see a cop at 7-11 buy his coffee and tell him thanks. They need to know that we all appreciate them, but blacks especially need to say thanks.

To every member on that thin blue line, thank you! Stay safe and go home to your family after your shift. Blue lives matter!!!



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