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Letter: The pandemic is not gone

Letter: The pandemic is not gone

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As the pandemic seems to be easing somewhat in the U.S., let us not forget that it is still not gone. Deaths are not as high as last winter after all the holiday travel, but still as high in early June as last Nov. 1 in Virginia.

I am thankful for the years of vaccine research that enabled development of covid vaccines in such a short time. And I am thankful that as a senior I was among the first in line. However, I am baffled at the attitudes of several people I have spoken to asking if they got the vaccine.

One common question is "If you have been vaccinated, why do you care if I get vaccinated?" There are two answers.

The first is that I don't want you to die unnecessarily.

The second is a little more self preservation. Let's use 7th grade math to explain. If the vaccine is 93% effective, I still have a 7% chance of being infected if I go out among random people.

However, if all those people are also vaccinated, their chance of spreading the virus is also only 7%. My probability of becoming infected from a group of vaccinated people drops to 0.5%.

In addition to getting vaccinated to protect other vaccinated people, you can help protect people who either can't qualify or get little benefit from the vaccine.

These include organ transplant recipients and others on immune suppressing drugs, people on chemotherapy, diabetics, and many other health conditions.

There are about 10,000,000 such vulnerable people in the US. It also includes children too young for vaccine approval.

Don't forget that children have died, and some new variants are harder on children than the original virus. Some young healthy people have made the claim "I have an immune system. I don't need your vaccine."

Read here about one 33 year old former Marine who said that on a facebook post.

Gilbert Vice, Pulaski


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