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Letter: The party of Honest Abe

Letter: The party of Honest Abe

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The word impeach comes from the French word "empeechier," meaning to impede, stop, entangle. The second impeachment of Trump has entangled the GOP. It has split the party into the radical right and the ethical conservatives. The House and Senate Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are part of the latter.

What baffles me is why the GOP wants a voter base that supports lies and worships a man who is a habitual liar. If this is the power base of the Grand Old Party then the GOP becomes the party of liars.

Yes, Democrats lie too, but they don't parade it proudly on Twitter and Facebook. And they don't have a power base of "Proud Boys," which Canada has classified as a terrorist organization.

This terrorist group was an integral part of the Jan. 6 riot. But state and national GOP divisions have censored Republicans who condemn Trump for inciting the riot. Total entanglement.

Why don't we just move on from this situation? It's done. Trump was not convicted.

Because I agree with Representative Ocasio-Cortez' statement that when people began saying the riot “wasn’t a big deal,” and “moving on” is necessary to unite our country, then those phrases signal the tactics of “an abuser.”

The following is paraphrased from a Washington Post article about Rep. Ocasio-Cortez revealing she is sexual assault survivor. "She compared it [the "move on" responses] to a sexual harasser telling his victim that the quickest path to normalcy would be her forgiving him. Or to parents telling the child they once abused that the mistreatment had happened in the past...‘Can you just forget about this so that we can do it again?’ ”

If we just forget about punishing Trump, there is no accountability and no moral or physical restraint to controlling such occurrences.

One "good" thing has come out of Trump's presidency. "Fact checking" by news media. I hope fact checking becomes a feature in every news report about our elected officials. Then maybe representatives of the party of Honest Abe can free themselves to vote their conscience.

Edna Whittier, Floyd


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