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Letter: The party of law and order?

Letter: The party of law and order?


Republicans like to think of themselves as the party of law and order.

Their actions are not consistent with their words when the head of their party incited a mob to riot and storm the Capitol, emboldening some of the rioters to brutally assault police officers protecting the Capitol.

All the while the president did not take any action to stop the assault. After the assault on the Capitol, the leader of the Republican Party and his followers continue to downplay the seriousness of the attack and call for the attackers not to be prosecuted.

Some Republican candidates for political office are soliciting the support of the former president and accepting his endorsement instead of speaking out about his role in the assault on the Capitol.

As for police officers and law enforcement officers who support the former president and his followers, they are showing disrespect for the Capitol police officers who put their lives on the line to protect the Capitol and the legislators present.

After viewing the attacks the Capitol police officers endured, how can other law enforcement officers champion someone who shows so little respect for their fellow officers?

The Republican Party has forfeited any claim to the title of the party of law and order. Law enforcement officers who endorse Republican candidates need to question why they are supporting candidates whose party shows little to no respect for law enforcement officers.

John VanLuik, Roanoke


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