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Letter: There must be consequences

Letter: There must be consequences

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Q. How many investigations and hearings had republiQans supported, before voting in favor of a commission looking into the violent breaching by extremists of the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya where four died?

A. RepubliQans beat that dead horse in TEN continuing hearings over months until everyone knew the name, "Benghazi" Commission. RepubliQans spent more time investigating the Benghazi event than time spent investigating in public hearings, the Pearl Harbor attack, the JFK assassination, Watergate and the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The Benghazi hearings cost more than $7.8 million over two and a half years. Why? Because it was expedient to try and discredit Hillary Clinton, through these hearings, before her presidential bid.

Q. Fast forward to 2021. How many of the 214 republiQans in the House of Representatives on May 19, opposed an investigation, and voted against a Commission to understand how and why the events of Jan. 6th happened where five Americans died?

A. 175 RepubliQans voted against the establishment of a Jan. 6 Commission to hold "Benghazi-like" hearings. Why? Because most RepubliQans are sympathetic and support the extremist mob, and their orange insurrectionist-in-chief who had "triggered" the violent insurrection by his clarion call to "Fight Like He**." The Senate RepubliQans under McConnell will follow suit and also vote against any January 6th Commission. What are they hiding?

RepubliQans have continued to downplay the insurrection. Even with some TepubliQans going so far as to say the Capitol breach by Trump's mob was a “normal tourist visit,” and others claiming the mob was filled with "peaceful patriots." Others claim, BLM and Antifa were responsible – however, if they truly believed that – why not hold hearings?

There must be consequences. The sooner the Trumpist mob and the supporters in the House and Senate face them, the better off our country, the safer the population, but most importantly, the more secure our republic, our democracy, and our Constitution will all be.

S.A. Miller, Hardy


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