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Letter: Think about what you're getting

Letter: Think about what you're getting

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Typically, when I notice that Dan Casey has authored another anti-Trump tirade I ignore his column; however, the headline in his August 18 screed noted that a local professor is determined to vote in person despite the virus in order to make sure his vote “will help make the country safer from tyranny.”

The difference in old Dan’s column this time is something that stood out quite shockingly to me in that there was nothing the professor said that evidenced any sort of support for Trump’s opponent in the race – voting was merely a way to get rid of Trump and then everything would be right with the world.

I know that voting for someone because you simply detest the other candidate is unfortunately becoming more and more common. In fact I couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 for a number of reasons but this is the crucial difference here – even though I couldn’t stand her I had no doubt that had she won she would have performed the job as President in a competent (although probably not as I had preferred) manner. Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can say the same thing about Joe Biden.

Any rational, honest person – Republican or Democrat – who has been watching Biden stumble though repeated gaffes, misstatements, embarrassing actions, memory lapses, combative responses to legitimate questions – especially recently – must know in their heart of hearts that this man is not mentally capable of filling the toughest job in the world. If you’re not convinced, visit YouTube and watch the series of videos which chronicle his mental decline. At first I thought his speeches/responses were actually funny, but then I began to feel sorry for the man and disdain for his family and political operatives who are putting him out there for their own selfish, personal motives.

If people are not voting for Trump for whatever legitimate reason(s) that’s fine, but I would hope that if they’re voting for Biden simply because they hate Trump, Ideally they’ll think about what they’ll be getting with however many years Biden survives in office as his mental capacities continue to decline.



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