Letter: Time to open our minds

Letter: Time to open our minds

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First let me say that I am not a Democrat nor am I a Republican. I am proud to be an independent. In my mind, an independent is someone who can use their brain to look at both sides of any issue, rather than dismiss it because it was proposed by a different party. For example, I think that Medicaid expansion was long overdue, but I think our government has become an out of control bureaucracy that needs to be reined in. I may not agree with everything that our president does, but I give him the credit he deserves for all of the good things. Things like the lowest unemployment in 40 years, among other things.

We are bombarded with politicians who, rather than give us alternative ideas, just call our President a Nazi and a racist with no basis to do so. We even have this newspaper running cartoons picturing him in vile and disgusting ways. Also, rather than talking about our needs for natural gas until other forms of energy can catch up and how to make sure pipeline company adheres to rules, this newspaper puts anyone who sits in a tree on the front page as a martyr.

This area is not a stronghold of liberals or conservatives. We are smart people who can look at both sides of an issue. Our newspaper and our politicians should remember that. If they don’t, neither may be around very long. Our politicians should start doing their job that we pay them to do. Start making the compromises that make our lives better.



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This is in response to the Dave Noller July 7 letter about mask wearing in Blacksburg local stores.

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