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Letter: Trapping humans

Letter: Trapping humans

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If I need to catch a critter, I put out some food in its path. Do that a couple of days, than I put out the trap. After a few days of becoming comfortable the critter will feel safe enough to enter the cage and it's caught.

The same thing is going on in our society, and people are not even mindful. We've created dependency habits, easing people into free stuff and handouts. Then mind-manipulation, of the takers and givers (government). Have you noticed all the catch words...entitlement, underprivileged, disparity, deserves, victim, racism, discrimination...all to foster emotions and then guilt and let government more into your life.

This is how collectivism begins. Government starts offering "free" stuff, starts with a few items for those that are desperate, than graduates to more and more. They use low income levels, number of kids, single parents and a host of other reasons to justify the free stuff.....some warranted and some not. Nobody ever mentions who's paying for this in higher taxes, taxes on everything consumers do and inflation, but all those catch words are used more and more to perpetuate the fraud and taking our freedoms by using your emotions. Add a manmade pseudo crisis and this is how the once free world transitions to collectivism and control. Government is the savior, safety net and everyone has security....but you've lost your freedom and independence. Since you've been "led" without realization of the consequences but will lose your self worth, integrity and independence and eventually private property.

For in point. Reduced and sometimes free lunches of the past transitioned into feeding every child in WIC breakfast and lunch and it's delivered. What's next? I'm not aware of the next transition but it will come as some liberal-socialists have the plan ready somewhere. Perhaps kids will be raised by the "collective" instead of 1984 again. Scary times ahead, best to stay informed and guard your freedoms and speak out. Independence is strength, independence builds strength of character and resilience.



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