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Letter: Trump blames voter fraud

Letter: Trump blames voter fraud

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Joe Biden won the presidency, but Trump refuses to acknowledge the fact. He behaved exactly the same way in 2016 when Cruz beat him in the Wisconsin primary. He also refused to admit that Hillary Clinton received 2.9 million more popular votes. When Trump loses, his response is always to blame voter fraud, which has no basis in reality.

The amazing thing is that Trump got as many votes as he did. After the most disastrous presidency in American history, how is that possible? Stuart Stevens’ new book, "It Was All A Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump," contains explanations aplenty. Stevens devoted his whole career to electing Republican candidates, but his disgust with today’s GOP is palpable on every page.

Stevens pays special attention to the role of right-wing talk shows, unleashed after the repeal of the FCC Fairness Doctrine in 1987. Combine nutty radio with nutty cable news, modernize with nutty internet and you have the perfect recipe for demonizing Democrats and manufacturing Trumpers.

For Stevens, the nadir was when the GOP supported Roy Moore in his Senate bid in 2017. For the vast majority of white voters in Alabama, even an alleged child molester, who was banned by the mall in his hometown, was preferable to the Democratic candidate. (Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won with help of the Black vote.)

Extremist propaganda has borne fruit. Even the Moores and Trumps of the world are seen by many Americans as preferable to Democratic candidates. That’s bad for Democrats in the short run, worse for Republicans in the long run, and terrible for America every step of the way.

Kurt Merchant, Martinsville


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