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Letter: Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing

Letter: Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing

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Response to Donald Butzer Op-Ed of Sept. 22:

Mr. Butzer, your allegations against our president making disparaging comments about our military war dead have been debunked by over 25 “named sources.”

McCain, a prisoner of war came home a hero and became a career politician who used influence to work “across the aisle” with the likes of another corrupt politician, Ted Kennedy. He was the deciding “NO” vote on Obamacare; a vengeful vote made out of hate for our President. A participant in the debunked Russian dossier that cost our country over $43 million and two and a half years of wasted time. McCain was a loser, in the President’s opinion, based on McCain’s own corrupt politics. His “character” was attacked by President Trump, and rightly so, because when the President gets hit, the President hits back.

President Trump has done more for our military than other presidents in the last two decades! Our veterans can now see any doctor they want, have better mental health benefits, addiction assistance, and suicide prevention. The war-chest was rebuilt from “American made” equipment, our troops can now defend themselves when attacked. Our troops were given a well deserved pay raise, are coming home from unnecessary war duty, and more.

The constant attacks on the President are an obvious sign that he continues to be effective in keeping his promises to the American taxpayers who are sick of corrupt politicians. This President is successfully uncovering that corruption.

My grandfather and father were veterans. My grandfather served 20 years and fought in WWII. My father served 24 years, fought in Korea and Vietnam and died of the effects from exposure to Agent Orange. My grandfather and my dad are war heroes! They defended this country with their lives, did you? If so, thank you for your service, but, how dare you imply that the President’s supporters do not respect and support our military! You DO NOT speak for me or anyone else. STOP attacking our President and his supporters! Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing, sir.

President Trump and his supporters are fighting to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!



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