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Letter: U.S. mirrors China in denying women's rights

Approximately 40 years ago I started a law practice in a small town in Virginia. At that time I was very comfortable with the progress of women's rights. We were becoming lawyers and doctors in good numbers and breaking ceilings in other professions. Roe v. Wade had given us a choice on reproduction. Since that time I have seen the Republican Party gradually, but surely, take away those rights.

When Donald Trump was running for president, it is my understanding, he told the far right if you will vote for me I will allow you to file with me the names of justices you wish appointed who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Although the justices Trump appointed lied to the congressional committees as to their position on Roe v. Wade, all the ultra-right planned has come true.

As far as women's rights and control over our bodies, and freedom of choice, we women are in no better position than the women in China, only a different side of the dictatorial coin. In China for many years women were very saddened because they could only have one child and many abortions were done to prevent a second child. Now the United States government and many states are telling us women we have no choice, we must have children. It is the same dictatorial power now controlling the women of this country, as in China, only in a different direction.

I am in shock that 50 years of women being able to exercise their choice and freedom has been wiped away by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Now we only have a choice in certain states. At this time one of those states is Virginia. The Democratic Party is our only hope to hold on to what freedoms we have left in the state of Virginia. 

Shirley Jamison, Boones Mill 

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