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Letter: Unite in opposition to state-sponsored evil

Letter: Unite in opposition to state-sponsored evil


Mahatma Gandhi (India); Yukiuma (Hopi); Martin Luther King, Jr.; John and Bobby Kennedy; Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers); Nelson Mandela (South Africa); Leonard Peltier (Lakota/AIM); Mumia Abu-Jamal (journalist); CISPES (El Salvador solidarity); Bobby Seale (Black Panther); Abbie Hoffman (hippie activist); Edward Snowden (NSA whistleblower); Chelsea Manning (US Defense whistleblower); Julian Assange (author of Wikileaks).

What do these figures have in common? They all spoke truth to power and were so accurate and astute that they were persecuted, imprisoned and in some cases, killed. All were persecuted for the intention of protecting their innocent from their government and/or business that had become corrupt.

Evil exists in many forms, and state-run evil is especially pernicious as those in power are protected by their own businesses and military. It is one thing to fight in self-defense; it is another thing to not be able to fight against evil at all and simply suffer.

This is not the intention of democracy or our U.S. Constitution. It is very dangerous that these and other whistleblowers are not protected by freedom of speech.

In the last century we have witnessed extremes in violence to the disenfranchised worldwide (please read “Killing Hope” by William Blum) by the U.S. military-industrial complex.

If you are “wrong” in government you have to step down, as we have seen with salacious issues. If you are wrong and you are killing lots of people, manipulating the government, publicly lying, you run for senator as we saw with Ollie North here in Virginia. Or you run again for president as we see with Donald Trump.

Please, be vocal when injustice is done in our nation or because of our nation. We are in solidarity with a whole world of innocent people, and I am proud of that.

Seth Leonard,


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