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Letter: Virtue signaling and sports collide

Letter: Virtue signaling and sports collide

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After reading the article regarding legal suit against soccer coach Chugger Adair on the front page April 20 ("Former Tech player sues coach"), it is my hope that this coach and anyone supporting his actions at Va. Tech be fired for violating this student athlete's First Amendment rights.

I do not agree with this “kneeling” protest but do believe it is that individual's right to do so. To have someone in a position of authority abuse this authority is unacceptable and action must be taken.

Consider for one minute if the basketball coach verbally attacked and pointed his finger in the face of those players on the basketball team for kneeling, then benched them after repeated verbal abuse. The basketball coach would have been fired on the spot!

After adding the ACC channel to my TV package in order to watch Va. Tech play basketball this season, I canceled after reading Mark Berman’s article regarding Tech basketball players kneeling in protest. This was my method of protest.

There is much talk about “white privilege” in the news lately. It is my opinion that there is “athletic privilege” that has always been around. Society accepts this privilege because we love our sports. Our children grow up adoring these athletes, often emulating their actions to the detriment of our society.

Colin Kaepernick began the kneeling protest after being benched. His career took off with a bang in 2013 with a QB rating of 67.3, the rating was 60.9 in 2014 and steadily declined in 2015 and 2016.

His high ratings were generated with his pure athletic ability as a QB that was deadly once he left the pocket and ran. It took opposing teams two years to learn how to keep him from running out of pocket. His pedestrian ratings and general bad attitude were the reason he was benched. He then had no opportunities to showcase his abilities but could onlyact like the spoiled jock he actually is.

Chugger Adair and his supporters need to be fired immediately. Other coaches would already have been shown the door!

A.D. Kitts, Roanoke


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