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Letter: What I've learned in 75 years

Letter: What I've learned in 75 years


What I’ve learned in 75 years:

Step lightly upon this good Earth, our mother.

Be kind to every living thing, for even the ugly and terrifying remain the greatest miracles of the universe.

Do not ignore or foster death upon the innocent creatures who share this planet with us. Despite our superstitious arrogance and falsehoods they also have their story and every right to be here.

Remember always, answers to everything lie outside of ourselves if we are willing to look. Answers never reside in the close minded ugliness of religion.

Avoid conviction, because it closes the mind, remembering all religions are evil, not only because they are lies, but because they demand to control your thoughts. It is religion that is evil, not you, nor I.

Remember the horrors of the Dark Ages. Never surrender to any belief or ideology, rather live your own life, and think your own thoughts freely and without guilt. Yours is the only life you shall truly own.

Speak your truth quietly and sincerely, from the heart, and some shall hear, yes even above the din of those driven by agenda, greed, faith and selfishness.

Fear the poverty of greed, for it will steal your goodness, humanity, friend and brother. Remember always we are here for one another, especially the simple and ignorant. Remind yourself that cooperation is the basis of civilization.

The poor exist not because they are lazy, but because we cannot satisfy the greedy.

Enhance your intellect by practicing humility, remembering we are all ignorant. Flee from those proclaiming superiority, and pity them for they are stupid, shallow, and lost.

Be decent. Remember always there is good everywhere if you look. The way of this world is up to you, right now, today.

Jerry Polverino, Bent Mountain


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