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Letter: What's Portland about?

Letter: What's Portland about?

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What started as a true "Uprising of Disgust"

Together they stood, all races of America, in their common disgust

Disgust That in 2020 this stuff was still going on.

But, Portland, Oregon, what is that???

"BLM"...Really? That's how the news starts every night

"Black Lives Matter" right before the shooting and the burning and the fighting. "Black Lives Matter"

No doubt Portland people are really mad about something?

I see 90% white protesters. Not that it matters but the

black population of Oregon is 3%... "3 Percent"

They are doing something, but it ain't about Black Lives

They dishonor the memory of George Floyd

I wonder how many of them been in a Black neighborhood to clean up a rundown playground

Held a food drive for the poor people

I wonder how many of them asked Black folk what they gelt before all this?

So as a Black male I say to Portland's "BLM", keep my Blackness out of it!!!

Portland, Oregon ain't about Black lives.



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