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Letter: Who is canceling our culture's religious heritage?

Letter: Who is canceling our culture's religious heritage?

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In "Disaster descending on Virginia public schools" (July 11 opinion), Tom Taylor begins his criticism of the state's new transgender guidelines by calling the theory of evolution irrational, even though the evolution of COVID-19 into more dangerous variants has been major news for months.

He then says the evolution of genders wasn't blind chance, as both religion and science (which he now seems to consider a rational enterprise) proclaim.

What he is really saying, it appears, is that God made only two genders and it is wrong to deny God's will. But nature's God — to use Thomas Jefferson's phrase — created gay people, biologically intersex people, and, as we are becoming more aware, people who feel strongly that their bodies are at odds with their gender identity — so strongly, in fact, that to express themselves they risk being ostracized and bullied, dangers that the new school guidelines are seeking to mitigate.

Studies show that the social stigma against transgender children makes them far more likely to attempt suicide than their "normal" peers. Evidently, being transgender is no more a deliberate choice than being gay.

Mr. Taylor goes on to blame Democrats for validating transgenderism, but the Republican-dominated Supreme Court has tacitly done this too by declining to review a federal judge's decision in favor of a Virginia transgender student.

He also blames Democrats more broadly for canceling "the Creator God of America’s heritage in favor of an evolutionary worldview."

However, the essential Christian message isn't to restrain people from being themselves, but to love them as yourself, and to do unto them as you would have them do unto you — which raises the question of just who in our culture is canceling its religious heritage.

H. Scott Butler, Blacksburg


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