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Letter: Why didn't Republicans call for impeachment in the past?

Letter: Why didn't Republicans call for impeachment in the past?

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The 1983 bombing of a Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon, killed 241 servicemen — 220 Marines, eight sailors and three soldiers — the deadliest day for the Marine Corps since Iwo Jima. The previous year President Ronald Reagan had sent the Marines to Lebanon on a peacekeeping mission.

Why were no Republicans calling in 1983 for the impeachment or resignation of President Reagan in the aftermath of this military barracks bombing?

On Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was attacked by militants associated with the Islamic group al-Qaida who hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the U.S. — almost 3,000 people were killed.

President George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice, his top national security official, were warned about al-Qaida’s planning to attack the U.S. by both the exiting Clinton administration and later by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Rice herself confirmed "the title of the warning from the Clinton administration was, ‘Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.’"

And, page 204 of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 noted that "In May 2001, the intelligence community obtained a report that Bin Laden supporters were planning to infiltrate the United States" to "carry out a terrorist operation using high explosives."

Why were no Republicans calling for the impeachment or resignation of President Bush in 2001 in the aftermath of the forewarned attack?

August 2021. The hypocritical Republicans, with faux outrage, and within minutes of the terrorist attack that killed 13 military personnel, began calling for the resignation or impeachment of President Biden. An attack precipitated by the surrender-deal Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made with the Taliban — to withdraw all military from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, and the release of 5,000 Taliban terrorists. Trump never had a plan supporting this egregious “deal.”

Republicans supported Pompeo’s “surrender deal,” but now, having been left in the lap of the Biden administration, they wish to divert attention from this abysmal “deal” cut with the Taliban — now, Republicans need someone else to blame for Trump’s "deal."

S.A. Miller, Hardy


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