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Letter: Why don't we have public childcare for all?

Letter: Why don't we have public childcare for all?

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Only $5 for 5 months

I want to thank Bethany Mott for her article, "Childcare has always been an essential service" (May 4 commentary). From the time I worked in inner-city Chicago with poor children in 1958; then moved to Charlottesville in 1963, when Virginia did not have PUBLIC kindergartens and helped start an integrated pre-school, the Churchwomen's Pre-school Experience, for local poor children, I have wondered WHY our country does not have public childcare programs FOR ALL, starting at age 3 months, as they have in Cuba and Nicaragua, the two poorest countries in our hemisphere. I was so impressed when visiting both countries to learn they have pre-school through college FOR ALL! I wonder WHY our country does not have the same?

Data shares that we predict our prison population based on the number of students not reading at grade level at the end of third grade. And, we know who they are: primarily our poor. It is past time for our nation to have early childhood programs, starting at age 3 months, for ALL of our children. I would MUCH prefer to pay for day care for all than spend money sending our young to prison, as our prisons are becoming more and more privatized.



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