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Letter: Why? Why? Why?

Letter: Why? Why? Why?

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Everyone asks: “Why? Why? Why?” The answer is: “Gold! Gold! Gold!"

In NYC “mid -eighties,” Mr. Donald J. Trump was an active Democratic politician planning a run for U.S. Presidency. After a few months, he failed! But even then his narcissism helped him accomplish (4) multiple bankruptcies, fraudulent loans, tax evasion, risky sex behavior, reckless exaggerations, denigrations. His favorite: “You’re Fire-ed!"

This inherited millionaire’s behavior was ignored. An exception: a subrosa Russian friend a “KGB Secret Service agent” became helpful. KGB thoughts: “Some Day??” The KGB foresaw a chariot drawn by two horses.

Trump’s favorite color, well known, is “GOLD!” Don decorated his Top of Manhattan “Trump Tower,” 666 Fifth Avenue living room in GOLD: walls, ceiling, curtains, floor, rugs, doors, etc. Money! Money! Money! Intoxicating!

30 yrs. Forward, early 2015:

Trump reignited his desire, seemingly out of nowhere, to win the U.S. Presidency, as a Republican! At his start, Trump’s oldest son was campaigning his Dad eagerly. During a media meeting, he was asked, “We hear that no Manhattan banks will lend your Dad any money??”

Answer: With a jolly proud smile, “That doesn’t matter. We get all money we need from Russia!” [I witnessed this!]

In the 2017 post-election Helsinki meeting, Trump and Putin’s behaviors were then and now fully explained. Putin is in the chariot ready to strike two obedient horses with a long golden whip. Both butts are tattooed, left: “Me D.J.T.” right: “Billion/Bullions”! Case closed. What is your “Answer?“



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