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We need more 'lasagna'

We need more 'lasagna'

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Last week I read a letter to the editor in The Roanoke Times written by David Blankenship.

He used an example (a hypothetical) about a friend who went to a restaurant and on the menu were only three entrees: rat on a stick, boiled cockroach and lasagna.

His friend decided to order the lasagna. When he did that several of his friends told him he was a terrible person who hated America. But he still decided to order the lasagna. The lasagna represents the Green Party. The rat and cockroach represent the country’s two major parties.

I decided to look into the Green Party. Howie Hawkins is its candidate for president; they are generally seen as left-wing and have some socialist leanings. They are environmentalist, which is needed with the current fires on the West Coast, the floods and hurricanes in the Gulf and global warming.

I also looked up the Libertarian Party. Jo Jorgensen is its candidate for president. They are more to the right, support a smaller federal government that is less involved, and are strong supporters of gun rights. They favor more not less guns in the hands of the people.

It would be nice if the country had a strong third party — instead of just having to decide between the rat and roach.

These are my comments, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the town of Christiansburg or the Christiansburg Town Council.


Christiansburg Town Council member

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