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Melissa Joan Hart says no to Sabrina reboot

Melissa Joan Hart says no to Sabrina reboot

Melissa Joan Hart says no to Sabrina reboot

Melissa Joan Hart thinks it would be “dangerous” to reboot ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’.

The 45-year-old actress had “a blast” working on the teen series from 1996 to 2004 but isn’t interested in returning to the role because she thinks fans would be disappointed no matter what happened and the show would be “over-critiqued”.

She said: “I've never really wanted to go back to Sabrina.

“As much as I had a blast on the show, I think it would be over-critiqued, and I don't think it would be successful. It's kind of like the last ‘Game of Thrones’, right? Everybody has predicted for years how they think it should end, and by the time you do it, you're disappointing so many people…

“I do think we ended ‘Sabrina’ in just the right tone and just the right way, with enough of a closure but a little bit of a wink towards the future that I wouldn't want to go back and revisit it. We would never be able to get that kind of button on it again.

“It would always be out there to be critiqued, and I just think it's dangerous with a project like this that's become so loved over the years."

The actress also admitted she’s “never” really watched the show.

She told E! News: “You have to remember this about then, we didn't have TiVo. The only way I could watch ‘Sabrina’ was if I was home on Friday nights, which I wasn't because I was working, or they would hand me on the night it would air, I was allowed to get a copy of it on VHS.

“So unless I went home and popped it in the VHS player—which I wasn't doing on my weekends off—I never watched it.

“So I have a totally different perspective on the show than other people do."

And because the series was shot out of order, Melissa doesn’t remember the storylines the same way that fans do.

She said: "I don't remember it the way the audience does, which is kind of getting frustrating because I just don't recall things the way other people do.

“I probably need to go back and watch 163 episodes, but it's also kind of weird to do that."

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