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After Teresa Hatchel was approved for unemployment benefits, the Virginia Employment Commission reversed the determination, demanded $5,568 back, and made Hatchel wait nine months for an appeal.

She prevailed, but seven weeks later, the agency still hasn't yet paid more than $12,000 in retroactive benefits due.

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This is a sequel to 1999’s Nintendo 64 classic “Pokémon Snap” — a game that I and many other old school “Pokémon” fans remember fondly. Rather than catching or battling with the series’ iconic creatures, the goal here is to take great pictures of different Pokémon creatures as you sit in a linear, tram-like cart. The better your photos, the higher your score.

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Garage doors are one of the most visible and largest features of your house. They have one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement.

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Democrat Joe Cunningham has been stressing his moderate appeal since narrowly winning this longtime Republican seat in 2018. But Republicans argue the pitch falls flat in a district that backed Trump by double digits. His opposition to offshore drilling helped him win in 2018, but it might be harder to draw a contrast against Republican Nancy Mace on the issue. As a state lawmaker, she has sponsored legislation opposing it. And powerful Republicans in the state appear to be consolidating around Mace after a bruising GOP primary.

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