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Jerry Falwell Jr., engulfed in a string of escalating scandals, has resigned as president and chancellor of Liberty University, ending an often tumultuous 13-year reign as the face of the evangelical institution.

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Are you about to enter the world of commission-based employment, or are thinking about doing so? If so, then it’s in your best interest to do your homework and learn as much as you can about how it all works before jumping in—because things operate a little differently within this world than within other types […]

The post Commission-based jobs: What are they and should you pursue one? appeared first on TheJobNetwork.

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Outwardly, your company probably has a standard line when it comes to describing employee salaries—something along the lines of “salary commensurate with performance and experience,” perhaps. Internally, it’s essential to have a close eye on what you’re paying particular employees, whether this aligns with industry standards, and what a particular position is worth to your […]

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Google isn’t just a tech company anymore, it’s an aspirational lifestyle. Once employees secure a coveted spot, they’re almost cult-like in their reverence for their workplace. Not that getting hired is an easy feat—Google currently gets more than two million job applications each year. (Imagine the HR department!) If you still aren’t sure what all […]

It is time that the pendulum is swung to the importance of financial support, as salaries that are realistic for the educators and affordable …



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