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War. Romance. Family. Immigration. Entrepreneurship. Politics. Gambling. Betrayal. Tragedy. Doughnuts. Wait, what? Yes, lots and lots of doughnuts. The story behind the documentary "The Donut King" is large and it contains multitudes. Directed by Alice Gu, the movie details how one man, Bun Tek "Ted" Ngoy, built a sugary, deep-fried dynasty, revealing both the promise and the pitfalls of the ...

Using the right kind of fat for different types of frying will make whatever you cook more delicious. Generally, the higher a fat's smoke point - the temperature at which the fat goes from hot and shimmery to smoky and acrid - the more versatile and durable it is as a frying medium. A wisp of smoke is fine before tossing ingredients into a wok for a stir-fry or skillet for a sear, but a plume ...

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Wayne A. Ernst, 68, of Bridgeton, a master baker whose Century Bakery was famous for its German pastries and old-world customer service, died Jan. 12 of cardiac arrest at his home.


Until recently, there was only one Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (CRC) eatery where the park’s 3,000 or so employees could get an on…


BLACKSBURG — Vintage Cellar owner Keith Roberts has learned at least one important lesson after almost 40 years in the craft beer world: "The …

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