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1. Is the book of II Samuel in the Old or New Testament or neither?

Thrips are a common insect found in indoor and outdoor gardens, but you definitely don’t want them around since they suck the life out of plants. PlantTok creator @amonthejungle uses masking tape to trap these annoying bugs.

Mealybugs are white, wingless, cotton looking insects that can quickly infest your houseplants. Fortunately, @reagankastner will show you how to get rid of them with a solution of neem oil, dish soap, and water.

Fungus gnats are an annoying small fly that loves to infest soil and potting mix, so it’s no surprise most plant parents will deal with them eventually. PlantTok creator @nicolelarsonn shows you how to interrupt the egg laying with cinnamon, then gives a couple more tips if that doesn’t do the trick.

TikTok user @sarahadamhafez uses three common things you probably have in your home already—apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and good old fashioned hot water—to get rid of fruit flies. Simply mix all three and leave it out in a cup by the fruit overnight. Fruit flies are attracted to the scent, but get stuck in the dish soap.

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Game developer Flight School Studio is quite good at creating beautiful experiences that don’t easily fit into the standard boxes you expect from video games. Such is the case with its latest game, “Stonefly,” in which you pilot giant mechanical vehicles that behave like tiny, agile insects. (Or maybe everything in the game is tiny and insect-size? The world that Flight School has made is striking and unexpected.)

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Cutworms only take a few bites out of new transplants, which doesn’t seem like it would do much harm, except that those bites are at ground level. Attacked seedlings topple over, dead. Don’t confuse this damage with damping-off disease, which is caused by a fungus that also attacks at the soil line, but usually affects only very young, newly sprouted seedlings.

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Leaves perforated with small holes are a sure indicator of flea beetles, who especially like the leaves of cabbage, arugula, tomatoes and eggplants. The beetle itself is tiny, shiny and black, and will hop away as you approach it.

In a story in Sunday’s Extra section, a property was inadvertently left off the list of sites featured in this year’s Historic Garden Week in …

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