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Re: "VMI to review honor system" Feb. 2, Ms. Mitzel has only regurgitated old news. But, to the honor system, having lived it in the 1960s (cl…

I deplore very much the assault on our Capitol Building. Having said that, I need to ask why the media was so quick to condemn this action and…

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Science has also found a positive link between profanity and honesty. People who cursed lied less on an interpersonal level, and had higher levels of integrity overall, a series of three studies published in 2017 found.

Regarding Herb Detweiler’s comments (Dec. 16 letter)  on the subject of (federal, state, local) governments’ efforts to protect the public hea…


“It doesn’t matter what we know until we know what matters.” — Unknown

America, and the world in general, have gone through monumental changes in the last 60 years. From advances in technology and medicine to seis…

Imagine a free Disneyworld. No charge. Ride Space Mountain all day! You don’t need an MBA to know why this won’t work. On the customer side, t…

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A: No, because I forget. I just like to backpack. My personality is definitely a silent supporter. The way I show love — it's through small actions. It is way more than me proclaiming something out loud. The tension I feel [about the Atlanta spa shootings], I remember the same tension of when George Floyd was murdered. There have to be actions somewhere. I've never been outwardly "Black is Beautiful" even though I believe it; I just like to do the [outdoors] things.

I am shocked and disgusted by the cartoon on your editorial page on Oct. 14. Is it supposed to be funny? Ever since Lee Enterprises took over …

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