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Q: We’re in our early 80s and we own our home. We have a loan of about $95,000 and make monthly payments of $700 to the lender. We don’t have much in savings, but we do have some. If a major repair came along it would deplete our savings. Would we be smart to sell the home now and rent?

Even with the coronavirus recession declared officially over, a new nationwide Bankrate poll suggests that its aftermath will weigh on Americans’ wallets for a while. More than half of Americans (or 51 percent) have less than three months’ worth of expenses covered in an emergency fund, according to Bankrate’s July 2021 Emergency Savings Survey. That total includes 1 in 4 Americans (or 25 ...

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Comment: In a recent column, you wrote that the power of attorney for financial matters and health care carry through death. But, in fact, powers of attorney for financial matters and health care are only valid until the person dies. So, the executors and trustees are the only ones with access.

In response to the letter "Call Uncle Joe" published in The Roanoke Times on May 2, I personally experienced employers playing the quota game …

It seems most plans to reduce/eliminate student debt focus on remedies involving loan interest, forgiveness, government intervention and a hos…

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Fresh off of their initial public offerings the year before and still struggling to show they can be profitable, the ride-hailing services were clobbered by the pandemic in 2020, as people stopped taking cars and huddled down at home.

Anthem’s Medicare policies offer an option to cover up to $500 for vests, leashes and other expenses for service dogs. A story in Saturday’s n…

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Rover noted, it’s important to keep surprise costs in mind, which can average $1,645-$4,315 total. Hopefully, you’ll never need to make a trip to the emergency vet, but if you do the typical cost averages $800-$1,500.

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