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In the market squares of Sicily and Calabria, street vendors baste thick swordfish chops with a bright blend of lemon juice and olive oil, grilling them over smoldering coals and filling the air with an alluring mix of char and sweet. The simple, ancient combination is called salmoriglio, and it's the primary way fish is served in southern Italy.

If you can’t resist grabbing a pastry with your morning cup of coffee, try this copycat recipe for Starbucks iced lemon loaf from @platinitwithwendy. It’s simple enough to whip up on the weekend and eat throughout the week.

Getting rid of all the drool and bacteria on your pillow is something you probably should be doing way more often, but if you’re confused about how, check out this video from @cleanthatup. A lemon spray before you wash and borax for a deeper clean is essential.

TikTok user @veggieglow cuts back on food waste by using herbs and a lemon that are a little past their prime to deodorize her home naturally. Throwing everything into a pot and letting simmer will fill your home with great fragrances.

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Some things just taste better when the sun is shining, and you're sitting outdoors on some lawn chairs, just chatting with friends and watching the world go by. Sangria is one of those recipes.

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This cookie, designed to look like a cross-section of a lemon, didn't deliver. The lesser of the two lemon-themed cookies, this barely smacks of citrus and tastes an awful lot like the sweet, vanilla-heavy Trefoils. There's a layer of frosting on the bottom that gives a slight lemony sweetness but there's little tartness or tanginess, and not much flavor, either.

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Worst: One of the few ads to overtly address the pandemic, this one tries a delicate dance: 2020 gave us a lot of lemons — home haircuts, canceled weddings, baseball in empty stadiums — but, hey, at least Bud Light developed Seltzer Lemonade! An extra star for the attempt, I guess, but unless the product has medicinal qualities beyond alcohol, the sunny side of COVID-19 is a message I’m not ready to hear. And if you’re going to bring the reality of 2020 into your commercial, you kind of have a responsibility to have the young adults standing at a party, reminiscing near the Bud Light cooler, wear some damn masks.


SUNDAY (Family)This simple LEMON ROAST CHICKEN is just right for family day. Heat oven to 375 degrees. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over …

Donna and I have had four KitchenAid dishwashers in the past 27 years. The most recent one crapped out slowly, beginning a little more than a year after we paid $700 for it. Last week, we finally broke our habit.

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