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PORTLAND, Maine — Vinyl record sales surged during the pandemic as music lovers fattened their collections, and audio cassettes began a comeback as well, keeping business spinning at record stores.

Need an inexpensive way to update some furniture or paint an accent wall? Follow this helpful tip from DIY creator @livelovehouse and scour a home improvement store’s “Oops Paint” selection for a deep discount.

Beginners might find picking out lumber at a home improvement store overwhelming, so TikTok creator @buildandcreatehome shared her best tip to help you find what you need. To find a straight board, pull the lumber off the shelf and hold one end up to eye level to spot any warping.

QUESTION: Tim, in a recent column you got me excited about creating something very unique with ceramic tile. The issue is I’m like you and have stick-people skills when it comes to artistic talent. Doing mosaic tile would be impossible for me. Is there some other way I can create a simple but one-of-a-kind tile look that you might only find in my house? What tips do you have for a beginner like me? —Xenia F., Port Arthur, Texas

In typical Memorial Day fashion, this weekend will be filled with sales on appliances, apparel and travel — plus a few new categories, too. Here’s where to find the deals and how to save.

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An abrupt relaxation of mask policies has left workers at supermarkets and other stores reeling as they try to sort out what the new environment means for their own safety and relationship with customers.

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Upcycling objects is a great way to make a unique terrarium that you can’t just buy in the plant store. TikTok user @kaslauder upcycled an old lantern to create a cool new piece of home décor.

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Since Memorial Day weekend traditionally kicks off the summer, serve summery desserts like popsicles or an icebox cake. Make your own popsicle…

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You can create your own cute customizable dog toys in any color or pattern you want by using this tutorial from @mnpetphotographer. All you need is some fleece from a craft or fabric store. Cut the fleece into strips, braid it together, knot the ends, and cut off the excess.

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Next to Michael's of Brooklyn, this was the label that most attracted my eye: the distinctive drawing of a long, red San Marzano tomato against a white label with a green border, like you'd see on a big 28-oz. can at the store. For that reason, I thought this sauce would be a winner. What can I say? I'm impressionable.

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