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Ted Cruz

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SEN. TED CRUZ: "Obamacare has doubled the profits of the big health insurance companies, doubled them. Obamacare has been great corporate welfare for giant health insurance companies at the same time, according to the Kaiser foundation, premiums — average families' premiums — have risen more than — have risen $7,967 per year on average. That is catastrophic that millions of Americans can't afford health care. It is a catastrophic failure of 'Obamacare.'" — Barrett nomination hearing Wednesday.

Almost any Republican with a pulse could win the 6th Congressional District. Perhaps the only one who could lose is Cynthia Dunbar, the self-declared front runner. She's carrying a lot of baggage that suggests she's nuttier than a fruitcake.

Has our president entered an alternate universe where narcissistic rage is a virtue and bull excrement passes for 'fact?' Or is there an actual method behind his seeming madness?

On July 24, 1783, Latin American revolutionary Simon Bolivar was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

WASHINGTON — The spectacular strangeness of this presidential election may require a new display in Ripley’s Odditorium of believe-it-or-nots.

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