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The Virginia Beach SPCA received 45 dogs Saturday that were surrendered from an animal hoarding situation on the Eastern Shore. In a Facebook post, the SPCA said there were more than 100 found inside a home on the Eastern Shore. Animal hoarding is defined by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as “an inability to provide even minimal standards of nutrition, ...

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PHILADELPHIA — Meet Amelia Mraz and Natasha Pham, the founders of Half Mad Honey, an apiary at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. They use their hives to help people practice both mindfulness and distress tolerance through apiary therapy. —Don't worry, bee happy: "It's incredible to see the transformation from fear to joy when people come here," said Amelia Mraz. —Humble honey: "The bees have ...


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In the Atlantic, about 27 miles off the Virginia Beach coast, schools of fish congregate around what looks like a large cylinder covered in algae. Mussels glom onto the structure. Even the occasional sea turtle or giant ocean sunfish pays a visit. The source of this bustling underwater scene is somewhat unlikely — a wind turbine. Dominion Energy’s first two offshore turbines, currently used ...

“Herbert” is a 5-month-old neutered male. This gorgeous boy is great with other cats and loves to be cuddled! Herbert is currently residing at…


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Here lies the green-blossom pearly mussel. It was some millions of years old. The freshwater mussel, which had a greenish-brown shell marked by thin stripes, spent its time clinging to riverbeds, favoring fast-flowing water. As larva, it enjoyed glomming onto host fish to grow. Later on in life, its hobbies included filtering up to 10 gallons of water per day and providing energy in the form ...

Thirteen years after Vermont lost the ignominious distinction of being the only state in the continental United States without any breeding pairs of bald eagles, the state is moving to remove the iconic national symbol from its list of threatened and endangered species.

This animal was picked up as a stray in Roanoke City; it was brought to the RCACP on 09/20/21 and... View on PetFinder

This animal was picked up as a stray in Roanoke City; it was brought to the RCACP on 9/15/21 and... View on PetFinder

This animal was picked up as a stray in Roanoke County; it was brought to the RCACP on 9/22/21 and... View on PetFinder

Whether we humans think something is scary or not typically has little correlation with what our dogs can find scary …

What a sweet girl I am. I showed up stray at someone’s home and they fed me. But sadly my owner was being evicted and he had to surrender me a…


NONFICTION: An ornery, broken-down, used-up man and an ornery, broken-down, used-up dog find each other. "The Speckled Beauty" by Rick Bragg; Alfred A. Knopf (238 pages, $26) ——— Those of us with city dogs (what Rick Bragg calls "fancy dog people") might be aghast to read about the life of Speck, the rambunctious, mostly untrained, free-ranging and always-spoiling-for-a-fight rescue dog that ...

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