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AlShumate commented on Games & Puzzles

Where is Word Sleuth, October 23, 2021?

AlShumate commented on Games & Puzzles

Where are the puzzles?

So, the Democrats are wanting to get rid of information of a criminal who generally after he/she has while doing time is honing their skills to make it less likely they'll be caught and make to the magic 8 years. Of course 8 years is but the first step, let's don't have any record of thei…

If Black Lives matter that much where is the outrage when Blacks kill Black. I think if people looked there are a lot more Black killing Black that is far beyond the numbers of White killing Blacks.

I wonder if Bernie still carries his "Little Red Book" or did he burn it when Mao Zedong side tracked the Communist after the Cultural Revolution Bombed and invited Nixon to China. If one looks at the take over of the Democrat Party Bernie was a part of the SDS in 1968 and I believe you c…

That being the case, I knew people who had been making Hand Sanitizers for years except they sanitized their innards instead of their outers.

If I make my own that reduces the chance even more from passing on the Coronavirus doesn't it?

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