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You obviously have a problem dealing with the FACTS !

So the "internet" is going to make us "smarter" ? Would the Colonial Pipeline Disaster be a prime example ?

Just more biased "tripe" from MPW !

Our "governor" dr. Blackface Northam & his Majority Black Parole Board are doing everything possible to keep the illegal actions "covered up" ! His "Blackface Apology Tour" soon be over !

Careful "gdad", your intelligence has been surpassed by your stupidity !

With "puppet master" governor dr. Blackface Northam pulling the strings, did you expect different ? Remember he said he APPROVED of the Black Majority Parole Board's actions releasing MURDERERS & RAPIST back on the streets. More reason to NOT vote for the demrats come election time !

Take a long, hard look at what "deregulation" has done to the telephone utility !

PLEASE no more of Terry McAweful. We have had enough of this "Clinton-retread" !

Save the Alligators !

We can definitely tell YOU ARE !

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