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Dan Casey


Dan Casey knows a little bit about a lot of things but not a heck of a lot about most things. That doesn't keep him from writing about them, however. So keep him honest!

Roanoke County voters line up outside the Craig Center in Vinton for early voting Tuesday afternoon.

President Donald Trump (left) talks with Jerry Falwell Jr. in Lynchburg.

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Dan Casey

Unlike the author of the letter, a thinking person understands the difference between protesters (who are peaceful, and who this past spring and summer numbered in the millions) and rioters (a tiny subset of protesters on whom the news is often focused). Moreover, there's incontrovertible…

Dan Casey

By the logic you have outlined, if Biden wins then God chose him. And God already has chosen Obama (who ran the most ethical, uncorrupt administration of our lifetimes) twice.

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: Country almost lost

Nice try rewriting history . . . but no cigar.

1.The N--- Party in Germany never silenced conservative voices. They silenced the left. 3. Likewise, the N---s who showed up in Charlottesville marched NOT with peaceful demonstrators on the left. The N---s in Charlottesville marched bu…

Dan Casey

"...the right wing goal is to wipe out the legacy of Barack Obama because he's not white."

I agree this is hard to believe, but is there any evidence to the contrary?

Remember Obamacare? That was a GOP healthcare plan. The individual mandate Newt Gingrich's idea. He first tout…

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: Rat, roach or lasagna?

The Green Party made the same tired old rat-roach-lasagna argument in 2000. The result was George W. Bush's election; ignored intelligence that led to 9/11 terror; an endless war in Afghanistan; an invasion of Iraq based on cherry-picked intel (which justifiably could be called lies); dea…

Dan Casey

Thank you for the wonderful support, Sonny!

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Evely: Winning the peace

Beautiful essay. Bravo!

Dan Casey

The Proud Boys are an actual organization. Antifa is not one.

Dan Casey

Will, antifa is not an organization. There is no such organization.

Dan Casey

Sooner, according to the Federal Reserve, monopolism is a much greater threat to the American economy than socialism.

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