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Roanoke County is having a tizzy fit over how broadly students should return to public schools this fall. Some parents and politicians want to move faster than state guidelines recommend.

Dozens of readers responded to Tuesday's column. And they're adamantly in favor of everyone wearings face-coverings in indoor places indoors.

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Wearing a face covering in public settings is not optional under an executive order issued by Gov. Ralph Northam that took effect May 29. Despite that, there's no shortage of people who believe it doesn't apply to them.

In the past week, the agency has opened up more than 270,000 new opportunities for appointments in the next 90 days; it's also further extended the expiration deadline for licenses and registrations that otherwise would have expired before July 31.

For people whose business with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles requires an in-person visit, the agency is now setting appointments at 35 offices throughout the commonwealth that have reopened since May 18. Otherwise, you cannot simply walk into and DMV like you could in the pre-pandemic days. But 40 offices remain closed and even getting an appointment is frustrating for many.

One reader offers a trick for reaching the IRS on the telephone. Another included an Emily Dickinson verse. And yet another was more than grateful for my help in resolving a snag that was holding up four weeks worth of her unemployment benefits.

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Dan Casey

Pam, I recommend following the guidance of the Virginia Board of Education and public health experts, rather than following the examples of the governors of Texas, Arizona and Florida. We don't know at this point whether the experts are right -- but we do know those governors were WRONG i…

Dan Casey

Jerry Falwell Jr. is a lawyer and college president. He's not a pastor.

Dan Casey

Mr. Shumate will not like this letter at all, because it's too strong with logic. His brain may explode!

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: Something you should know

The author neglects to note a key, and remaining difference in voting by mail in Virginia under the new law, and states where voting by mail is already the norm: In place such as Colorado, all registered voters are automatically mailed a ballot, which they can return by mail, or in-person…

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: A fallacy of irrelevance

Letters like the one above leave me almost wishing that the governor would issue an executive order requiring patrons of retail stores and restaurant to wear shirts and footwear. Then the "proud populists" (who would otherwise ALWAYS wears shirts & shoes in public) could ridiculously …

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: Unbelievable AP stupidity

The author of the letter is correct. Donald Trump himself wrote the Star Spangled Banner. But the Fake News will NEVER admit that.

/sarcasm off

Dan Casey

Stopped reading at "Roanokeā€™s 108 cases clearly surpassed all other regions. " There are 10,800 cases (100 times the number in Roanoke) in Fairfax County slone. The letter is complete malarkey.

Dan Casey

CNN has not been caught "time and again in lies." Just because Trump says that doesn't make it true. Have they ever gotten anything wrong? Sure -- that happens in the news business. Do they issue corrections on those occasions? Yes.

UNLIKE TRUMP, who's told thousands of falsehoods, …

Dan Casey

You are missing something.

President Trump doesn't have to show his photo ID to vote. Why should I?

Did you have to show your photo ID to get your stimulus payment?

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: Shotguns, not rifles

Weird he would blame ignorance by the "reporting staff" on this. I wonder if he visits a podiatrist when he has a toothache?

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