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Forrest Archer

Enjoy it because Youngkin will run the State into the ground.

Te buyer obviously wanted it and its up to them what they want to do with it.

How important is water anyway?

Where's the Beford militia? Deliberate spelling.

Yeah, but you can't blame all your shortcomings on that.

You're pretty easy to see through widdle man.

Seems like wherever widdle Stevie goes there's a drug deal accusation going on and I wonder why he went to Hazard to score drugs . The state of the coal fields and drug usage in those areas [and drugs are everywhere] are mutually exclusive as any person that can reason knows.

Who kn…

Yeah, Amy, it's not like there's an instant means of kids finding anything they want at their fingertips.

And we have that poster on this thread and many others.

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