Truth out.

Mr. Hammack, Your reporting here joins a long archive of good coverage of the slow robbery that is the Mountain Valley Pipeline. However, the stakes are now too high to allow the kind of he said/she said fact wobble included here in the form of Natalie Cox's blatant "alternative facts".

Thank for pulling the camera back. The climate change line in the sand is drawn along the routes of the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast fracked gas pipelines. This is the part of a global struggle for survival that is right here in our back yard where we have a little more pow…

re continued Mountain Valley Pipeline construction with no monitoring: This project was never and is not now, essential, because the communities it is destroying do not need and will not have access to the fracked gas it proposes to carry to a market which has collapsed. Stop in the name …


There is too much smarm in the Tod Burke's statements in this article to really address, but here goes.

"But even if police had dressed as pipeline workers {they did}, that alone would not be an unusual or improper practice", said Tod Burke, a former police officer and retired crimi…

Roanoke Gas invested in the destruction of Roanoke's water when it invested in the Mountain Valley Pipeline, That investment is tanking and now, as predicted, Roanoke's gas prices are going up.

Anybody else see a problem with the juxtaposition of "hired" and "independent"? "Mountain Valley has agreed to hire independent monitors to conduct inspections beyond what had been previously required by the state." And oh by the way, who gets the 2.5 million?

There is no "expected completion date" for the MVP, nor is there any need for the fracked gas it proposed to carry. For our neighbors along its route, who are fighting for their lives, their water and their right to protect their homes and their children's future, there is only the expect…


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